Top 5 Best webhosting in 2020:

Best webhosting in 2020 | In the era of digital age everyone needs space for storing their files in internet either it is small or big business but the main purpose is to store data,So to store that Data we need Top best webhosting in 2020. Everyone doesnt have handy money to build custom site so,they can go with the Popular CMS Like WordPress,Pretashop etc!

First of all to host your codes inorder to access it online you need hosting which have low downtime i.e 99.9% today in this market there are many webhosting which you will get in Low Price and at last you will regret.😉Yeah this is the story of todays hosting which boasts to be good hosting provider but at last they will end you up!

But dont worry we we will giving you list of few of  best webhosting in 2020  providers trusted by millions of users as well as developers so,without delaying let me reveal their names:

#1 Bluehost:

Top best webhosting in 2020
Best Web Hosting 2020 Bluehost


This one is the best one chosen by millions of users as they’ve been around a long time,brings tons of offers and supports you in every direction where your website faces problems.First of all if you get shared hosting  and your business starts to boom then you need to upgrade your site,then you can upgrade it to VPS or dedicated hosting  they have plan for both.Their last 12 months average uptime is 99.99% and page load is 406ms.You can imagine the services how they provide.

While you are running your site and alas you got problem then you can contact by phone or chat and they will solve your problem within few minutes !


#2 Siteground:

Best webhosting 2020
Best webhosting 2020

Siteground is also well known in the hosting industry providing multiple different hosting options.

they include wordpress hsoting ,cloud hosting, dedicated servers.They are the cheapest one for “startup shared plan for over two years”Siteground has 99.99% of uptime and average of 713 ms page load time.Page speed is one of the most factor declared by google as most of the users dont like to stay in page which is just loading and loading so,page speed matters too.It provides good support to their users so,if you get any problem go and ask them 😁

#3 Hostgator

Best webhosting 2020,best webhosting in 2019
best webhosting in 2019

Hostgator may be one of the best one but they are making improvements as they have average uptime 99.98% over 16 months.Their average webspeed is 1007ms unfortunately but better than few creepy Web Hosting Providers too.Their basic shared hosting comes with unlimited storage,unlimited bandwidth and free SSL. Hostgator is the company which impowers millions of site .The webhosting company provides services like backup and security with additional few bucks! In this hosting too you will get reliable and good support and they have 45 days refund policy too!


#4 Hostinger:

Best webhosting 2020
Best webhosting 2020

If you are looking for  a budget friendly webhosting or if you are newbie blogger and dont want to pay more money to the webhosting then you can choose this hosting right Hostinger  this site offers their services in very cheap price and their price starts less than dollars.The uptime and page loading speed is pretty good as they have 99.99% of uptime and 24/7 support whenever you need their help.


#5 Namecheap:

This may be odd for you but believe me this is one of the best one for newbie as they will provide you backup,Premium SSL,SSD hosting and support too.Over Past 18 years they racked up more than 3 million users.Namecheap provides 30 days money back gurantee too so,here you can switch to next hosting if this doesnt suits to you.I am using this site as till the date i have got 2 downtime apart this everything is OK  .can this be your Top best webhosting in 2020?


Thanks for getting into our article we hope you enjoyed our article sorry it was boring little nah 😅I hope you have decided to buy hosting for your site.You have the knowledge of different Top best webhosting in 2020 .If you enjoyed our article dont forget to share our article with your friends as sharing is caring !



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