Best free cloud hosting in 2020

Well, you are looking for a free cloud hosting provider, right? If you are then you are on the right site through which you will get the complete information about cloud hosting and its free process so,lets begin our article without consuming more time on Best free cloud hosting services in 2020.

You may have a question about why it’s free because setting up a data center, procuring servers and high-speed internet connection cost a lot of money to the web hosting providers. Instead of cost, these web hosting companies offer for free because it’s all about attracting new customers. They offer their services for free to a limited period so that new customers can try their services before making an actual payment.

There are lots of Cloud Hosting Providers available in the market which provides a free trial for some time. Generally, these web hosting providers offer a trial service for 7 days, 15 days, 30 days and sometimes for 2 months.

But here in this cloud hosting industry only the four big leaders provide you One Year Free Trial through which you can easily enjoy their services for one year without any cost. After that, you will be able to decide whether you want to use them further or not.

This article is going to introduce you to the Best free cloud hosting services in 2020. In this post we are going to know about the following points:-

Top 4 Best Cloud Hosting Providers with 1 Year Free Trial

  • Amazon AWS
  • Google Cloud
  • Microsoft Azure
  •  Alibaba Cloud

I assured you that by referring to this post, you will be able to choose the best one. You just have to give some time and effort here and follow the mentioned steps accordingly.  So, let us check out the best cloud hosting provider.

Top 4 (Best free cloud hosting services in 2020)with 1 year trail

#1. Amazon AWS

free cloudhosting provider 2020 AWS,Best free cloud hosting services in 2020

As we know that Amazon has the biggest online e-commerce platform in the world. Have you heard that, Amazon has also its web hosting company? No right? But it’s true that it has its own web hosting company. It is the market leader in cloud hosting business. They have the most stable cloud hosting platforms and offer an array of cloud services. Most of the big companies try to prefer Amazon as their Web Hosting Provider.

For those who are new to Amazon AWS, it is offering 12-months free services under limited usage policy. It uses integrated connected web services to provide a cloud-based platform to business and provides other useful services to their customers. It also provides the complete freedom to customize your own server and can operated by any platforms like mobile or desktop.

Features of Amazon AWS

Those features which AWS gives you to run your business smoothly are described below:

1.Mobile-Friendly Access

It includes AWS Mobile Hub and AWS Mobile SDK.

  • AWS Mobile Hub: Amazon AWS works on both Android and IOS and helps you on how to use it. Through AWS application you will be able to access AWS services like development, testing, and monitoring. It also includes some features like content delivery and pushes notification.
  •  AWS Mobile SDK: It supports IOS, Android, Web, React Native, Unity, etc and can be able to access DynamoDB, S3, and Lambda.

2.AWS Marketplace

An online store by AWS where you will find hundreds of free and paid both software is known as AWS Marketplace. You can buy them according to your business so that they will charge you only for those which you choose to use.

3.Serverless Cloud Functions

AWS is designed in such a way that it can handle several tasks at a time so that the user doesn’t need to worry about the server. Server management scaling, patching and administration of the infrastructure are done by AWS, you only have to focus on your application.


The database provided by Amazon AWS is managed by themselves. They are:

  •  Relational Database: For transactional purposes
  •  Non- Relational Database: For internet-scale applications
  •  Data Warehouse: For analytics
  •  In-Memory Data Store: For caching & real-time workloads
  •  Graph Database: Application with highly connected data


It is one of the best features of AWS. The storage capacity provided by AWS is economical, flexible and easy to use. These are of following types:

  1. Amazon Glacier: Used for long-term storage.
  2.  Amazon Simple Storage Service: It provides scalable object storage for archival, analytics and data backup.
  3.  The Amazon EBS: It provides block-level storage volumes for persistent data storage for use with EC-2 instances.

6.Security and Compliance

As security is the first priority, Amazon always considers it as many of the big brands rely on them. It is associated with EC2 instances to give better security with many major rules followed. So customers always prefer to use AWS while choosing Cloud Hosting.

#2. Google Cloud

Google cloud hosting provider for free 2020
Google cloud hosting provider for free 2020

We know that Google is known as the most trusted and famous brand in the entire world. It contains its own hosting company and provides many features than your expectations. Due to its ruling average in the contest of web hosting, most of the businesses will use Google Cloud as their web host. For further use and taking advantage of Google Cloud, you can check it once.

Features of Google Cloud

Some of the features of Google Cloud are described below:

  • No server management

You don’t have to do anything except focusing on your work because Google will automatically run and scale the code deployed by you.

  • Pay only while your code runs

Here you only have to pay before executing when your codes run your function. After executing your function you don’t need to pay anything.

  • Scales automatically

All your functions will be managed automatically according to the workload by the Google Cloud.

  • Runs code in response to events

It is easier to run your code from anywhere like Google Cloud Platform, Firebase, and Google Assistant in Google Cloud. And can be accessed from any web, mobile, or backend application via HTTP.

  • Open and familiar

Google Cloud doesn’t need any special language to use, as it supports written in JavaScript, Python, and Go.

#3. Microsoft azure

best cloud hosting providers 2019
Microsoft azure

Microsoft Azure provides the best tools, templates, and services which can be used in improving the productivity of any developer or IT professional.

It is basically built for managing enterprise, mobile, web and Internet of Things APP. It also supports both Windows and Linux with many services helping to run your program smoothly. You can also develop and deploy programs as your choice using AI services.

Microsoft Azure Features  

  • You can run small application to a very large application on Azure without any problem
  •  You can set up push notifications, user authentication, and structured storage with less knowledge about programming.
  •  You can create, manage and distribute media in the cloud using Amazon Azure
  •  You can easily build websites with ASP.NET, PHP or Node.js
  •  You can Migrate applications and infrastructure
  •  Mobile services
  •  Cloud services
  •  Supports Virtual Network
  •  Includes SQL Database

#4. Alibaba cloud


Alibaba is a leading e-commerce platform in China which is nearly available nowadays all over the world. It also contains its own hosting service called Alibaba Cloud. Like the other cloud hosting companies, Alibaba is also used by most of the big organizations.

It provides you a free trial of one-year on its cloud hosting plan. So you can also check this one and can give a try once further.

Features of Alibaba Cloud

For the easier to the customers, Alibaba Cloud has some features through which you can easily do your work without any problems.

  • Flexible Architecture
  • Single-Node Architecture

It helps in performing flexible upgrading or downgrading for a single-node cluster in a cost-efficient manner.

  •  Dual-Node Hot Stand Architecture

It helps in running your business smoothly when some functions fail to perform the task.

  •  Cluster Architecture

It helps in working automatically on failover and recovers the disaster.

  • Data Security
  • Persistent data Storage

It consists of a large memory with high performance and read and writes operations.

  • Replica And Recovery

It keeps backup every day which helps to recover it anytime when needed.

  • Multi-layer Network Security Protection
  1. There is a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) present in the transport layer.
  2. The system has a collection of more than 1000 IPs to control risk management.
  3.  It also has a password protection system
  • Kernel Optimization

Kernels are optimized in such a way that it gives you the best speed and performance.


So, this is all about the top best cloud hosting providers with the free trial of 1 the year 2020. I had shared with you here the complete information what I have. However, if you have any doubts or queries about the cloud hosting then please ask us through below the comment box.


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